3-D Design

Pyraharp No.2
Wood, paint, ceiling fan, piano wire, zither pins, 2015
39 x 26.5 x 22.5 in.

This is a sculptural instrument built to explore the relationship between geometric form and sound.  I’ve made two of them, one with a hexagonal base and one with an octagonal base.  Both Pyraharps use piano wire attached to a central neck and pinblock.  I haven’t seen this type of neck construction in any other instrument and it adds a unique element to the sound because the strings are each pulling the neck in different directions, creating instability.  This type of structural instability would normally be avoided in making an instrument, but here it adds to the character of the piece.  The sound produced has a particular timbre and tremulous twang that can be manipulated by pushing on the pinblock while playing.  It will not retain a tuning for very long, and so must be constantly adjusted, creating an evolving set of parameters in which the same piece of music often can’t be repeated. 
Wood, stain, ceiling fan, piano wire, zither pins, 2015
54 x 33 x 33 in.
Wood, branch, stain, aluminum cans, brass ornament, light, 2016
83 x 22.5 x 84 in.


 Sky Shape No.2
Chalk, nails, string on wood panel, 2016
12 x 12 in.

Dimension 4
Chalk, nails, string, wood panel, 2016
12 x 12 in.
 This piece utilizes nails and string to make a three-dimensional drawing inspired by constellations in the night sky.  The central subject is not a constellation but a theoretical diagram of the fourth dimension of time.  It depicts a rectangle moving around in space.  The other various shapes resemble ancient petroglyphs of stars.  The idea conveyed is that across the span of time stretching from antiquity until now, the stars remain seemingly constant.  From our perspective they are nailed in place.
The Wind In The Wood
Mixed-media installation, dimensions variable, 2014
Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro, NC
Vines, sticks, Spanish moss, candles, string, cloth, found objects, 2012
120 x 42 x 42 in.
In Excelsis
Wood, paint, mirrors, vines, found objects, 2011
84 x 102 x 42 in. 

Wood, paint, mirrors, lights, found objects, natural materials, fabric, audio, 2011
Dimensions variable